Connecting To Our Lands

Lands and Elders

Our communities share a deep relationship to the environment, land and space. Our people have always been one with the land that helps support and nourish us.

Cultural teachings, strengths and resilience are derived from our rich historical experience and interactions with the land. This robust connection can be a profoundly powerful source of healing, some of which comes from our ancestors and elders.

How Land Shapes Us

Research supports that connections to land, community and traditional wisdom prevent suicide in Native youth.


Here are some ways your community can get youth connected to land:

Work with your community to develop or adapt a strengths-based intervention through activities and teachings that incorporate connection to land, ancestors and Elders.
Engage people across the community to promote greater connection and interaction with Elders to preserve and pass on important cultural knowledge and place-based learning.
Collaborate to develop ideas about how to spend meaningful time connecting to lands and histories.

Get Connected

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